CLiME Trauma, Schools and Poverty Conference Archive

May 5, 2017

The Rutgers Center on Law, Inequality and Metropolitan Equity (CLiME) is committed to studying the role of law and policy in encouraging or inhibiting opportunity based on place. This conference is an outgrowth of the Trauma, Schools and Poverty Project.

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Opening Remarks—Dr. Nancy Cantor, Chancellor of Rutgers University-Newark

Panel One: The Making of Trauma: Definitions and Genealogies—Slides
Our first panel introduces definitions of psychological trauma and its effects, including a conversation of the sources of trauma and what trauma looks like through the lifeline, and long-term effects of trauma. The purpose of this panel is to elucidate the nuances in understanding trauma, and how these frames affect systems responses to trauma.

Dr. Royce Lee, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience,
    University of Chicago
Dr. Natalie Slopen, University of Maryland School of Public Health
Dr. Susan Cohen Esquilin, Licensed Psychologist
Moderator: Dr. Alexandra Margevich, Rutgers University

Panel Two: Trauma in Schools: The Politics of Labeling—Slides
This panel discusses the ways in which schools define psychological trauma, and the institutionalization of trauma responses in school, with a more focused understanding on how trauma-related behavior is often missed, misjudged, and misclassified. This panel will also discuss questions of ethics and professional obligations that go into the labeling of trauma by school actors.

Dr. Elizabeth Dutro, University of Colorado School of Education
Prof. Trevor Melton, New Jersey Department of Education
Dr. Kelly Moore, Rutgers Children’s Center for Resilience & Trauma Recovery
Moderator: Prof. Esther Canty-Barnes, Education and Health Law Clinic,
    Rutgers Law School

Keynote: Trauma Sensitive Schools—Handout
Susan F. Cole, Trauma, Learning and Policy Initiative at Harvard Law School

Panel Three: How Systems Can Respond to Systemic Trauma—Slides 1 and Slides 2
By presenting analyses of past systemic responses to trauma, as well as the theoretical concepts that frame these responses, this panel examines at what schools are doing to address systemic trauma. We seek to identify how systems to tend to respond to trauma in children, and also to discuss how systems can construct an informed response to trauma in children. Additionally, we seek to examine issues of confidentiality in response to systemic trauma as the use of big data continues to expand.

Dr. Lovie Jackson Foster, University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work
Dr. Jennifer Jones, National Child Traumatic Stress Network
Prof. Mark Rosenbaum, Public Counsel Opportunity Under Law
Moderator: Solangel Maldonado, Seton Hall Law School

Presentation: In the Name of Resiliancy: Intervention v. Prevention
This paper presentation and audience dialogue on the broader themes of the conference.  The remarks draw from a draft article called “Trapped in Tragedies: Childhood Trauma, Spatial Inequality and Law,” which is available for download here and on the CLiME blog at

David D. Troutt, Director of CLiME, Rutgers School of Law—Slides

Closing Remarks—Dr. Bonita Veysey, Rutgers School of Criminal Justice—Slides


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